Different Types of Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are the core of a successful marketing strategy. A trade show is an exhibition arranged so that businesses in a particular industry can showcase and display their latest products and promotional offers, interact with clients, business partners, and other interested parties, attend market research activities of other competitors, and study current market trends and possibilities. While trade show displays are a great way to promote a new product line or service, they also provide a venue for the exchange of information and insight between industry players. It is therefore a good idea to organise a trade show event.

The first thing to consider before organising the next trade show display or presentation is the nature and size of the target audience. This will have an enormous impact on the type of trade show displays to be employed, the types of trade shows to be organised, the kind of trade show displays to be utilised, and the costs of such events. If the target audience of the exhibition is senior executives of a publicly traded company, then trade show displays aimed at senior executives will be a smart move. On the other hand, if the target audience is end-users of a product or service, then trade show displays aimed at end-users are advisable.

Before purchasing any type of trade show display or exhibit, it is important to consider the technical features of the displays. Some exhibitors prefer to purchase static exhibits while some prefer dynamic exhibits. Static exhibits consist of easily assembled, fully rolled out displays that can be moved from one location to another. Such displays require a minimal investment and can be erected and disassembled when required. The trade show displays bought from manufacturers who supply such products can be easily assembled. Dynamic exhibits, on the other hand, are large and heavy, often constructed from custom components, which require considerable expenses in research and development.

A static display will be suitable only for showcasing products or services offered by a single store/room. There is no room for additional displays as well as other accessories for such exhibits. However, if you wish to exhibit other items/goods as part of your trade show displays, then dynamic exhibits will be suitable. The dynamic exhibits in question will allow you to change the content of the panels displayed by using sliders and switches. The Carolina Signs and Wonders product range features affordable display options for booth displays as well as display stands and modular exhibits.

Another type of trade show displays are retractable banner stands. These banner stands allow you to display graphic panels and text without taking the entire booth to the ground. You can keep the retractable banner stands in one place behind the graphics, allowing you to free up space for other elements of your trade show displays. Retractable banner stands are ideal for exhibition booths used to display promotional or marketing materials, such as printed posters, business cards and flyers. These banners can be mounted on a retractable banner stand frame which also saves space. Modular frames allow you to organize the graphics and text on the banner stands and easily remove them from the frame without taking the entire stand down.

Pop-up exhibits and roll up displays are also available as alternatives to traditional trade show displays. These exhibits allow you to attract more customers and showcase all the aspects of your product range in an attractive manner. Pop-up exhibits have many types including flip up displays, side by side displays, pop up panels and adjustable pop-up displays. You can easily find numerous types of pop-up displays and many types of pop-up exhibits online or directly visit https://www.carolinasignage.com.